Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week, I sat around thinking of what my next post would be and I came up with the perfect topic....but I  have to do an EMERGENCY post, first.

The use of EMERGENCY is very literal, as in, I spent 2 hours in the ER last night with Miyagi. Before I get into all the fun details, he is 100% fine!  Me, well, I'm at 92.8%.

Last Sunday, Miyagi realized that his hands and knees, when working together, could get him places he only thought were possible by screaming until someone moved him to where he needed to be.  The excitement of his freedom of course came with the realization that life would never be the same! No more setting baby down for a minute and knowing that he will be right where we left him before.  Over the course of the week his mobility (and quickness) improved!  Of course he whines for minute when "left" unattended, and by "left" I mean when someone is not glued to his side...but then he thinks "SCREW THEM, I'll get there on my own". 

Fast forward a week.  Please bear with me, as the guilt of being a negligent, but totally normal parent, is still a little raw.  I was getting ready to run a quick errand, and while trying to multi-task, I neglected to make sure Miyagi was safe!  I put him in his car seat...didn't buckle him in, and then attempted to put my purse down. Well, apparently Miyagi wasn't having some part of this ordeal and he CATAPULTED himself from his car seat onto the garage floor.  The cement garage floor, from an SUV! It all happened so quickly! I remember seeing him make a move, yelling "NO" (as if this would instantly put up a force field to stop him from doing what he was doing) and then he was on the ground. 

I think I blacked out for a split second because I can't recall if he was face up or face down when I picked him up.  He cried for a few seconds, as I ensured his brains weren't oozing from any gash, then he stopped crying, laid his head on my shoulder and was okay.  I called Baby Daddy and I swear I heard him somewhat chuckle when I explained the situation!

Cliff Notes of the rest:
- The pediatrician advised to go to the ER, just in case, since they were not open on the weekends.
- Physical Exam fine
- CT Scan fine (*not fun watching baby be held down! Also, convinced myself that if he had some sort of brain tumor this was the "miraculous" way we would have found out)
- Small little red mark near his eyebrow

I spent a good portion of the night replaying the scene in my head and feeling so incredibly guilty! The most important thing is he is okay and I will NEVER, NEVER let this happen again! I've also been comforted by the numerous mothers who tell me their own stories of injuries their children, or themselves have suffered (TV pulled down on their head, tumbles down the stairs, falls from couches, changing tables, etc.). 

Please learn from my mistake, even though I kind of hope you all have your own so I feel normal, (just kidding, sorta) and always make sure that your babies are safe! Nothing is more important at the moment than their safety! It's your job!

I've also been advised that as a mother of a boy, this is just the beginning!!

Inappropriate side note: I wonder how much this is going to cost me, thank you insurance!