Monday, January 9, 2012

Unfamiliar Territory

The transition has begun, both literally and physically.  We are transitioning from the familiar land of infancy to the new uncharted waters of being a toddler!  Miyagi's first birthday is quickly approaching, 17 days to be exact. He's leaving behind the "boring" life of an infant and running, with lots of stumbles, towards a more independent life. (I realize using the word independent might be a stretch, but it sounded good).  <--that was the "literal" part of the transition, the physical part....he's moving up to the toddler room at daycare (insert sniffle from mama, HERE). 

If I took the time to express all of the emotions, thoughts, fears, bouts of excitement that I am feeling, this would turn into something way longer than anyone wants to read.  So instead, I'll just highlight some of the things I'll miss about the baby stage, the things I'm NOT excited for about having a toddler, and I'll end on an optimistic note of the things I can't wait for! 

1.) Of course hindsight is 20/20.  But babies are pretty easy.  Once you get them eating on a schedule, sleeping through the night, and worked out your favorite method for getting out the poop, it's a piece of cake! They are pretty much awesome accesories that turn your house into a home :-) They can't move much and that's pretty great!  I realized how much I was going to miss this as I needed to go to the bathroom and little Miyagi just walked right into the bathroom with me....couldn't really shut the door on him, now could I.

2.) Entertaining a toddler is a LOT of work!  They have short attention spans, second only to adult males, so the activity that seemed so fun at 3:38pm is now totally not acceptable at 3:45pm.  Not to mention your house now looks like Toys R US had to much fun the night before and threw up all over the house!

3.) As amazing as it is, those little suckers are starting to let their personality show!  Don't like the food you are offering...I'll shut my mouth and turn my head.  Don't want to lay down, I'll scream and scream and scream, so much that for a moment I might stop breathing and be close to puking! Getting in their personal space or playing with a toy that they want, it's time to FIGHT! (head butting and Tyson punches). Cuddle time, I'll pass...too much to see, oh but wait, now I want you to pick me up.  Wait, no, I want to be put down, pick me up, put me down!

4.) Watching them learn how to communicate though, is truly amazing! Miyagi can understand simple commands, not like a dog, but if we ask him to do something "give me your bottle" he does.  Or hearing them try to mimic what you say "All Done" or responding to a question, even if it's a's pretty darn cool! I can't wait to hear what his little voice sounds like....until the day he tells me "NO"...then it's on, like donkey kong!

And finally...... NO MORE FORMULA! WOOOHOOO!  Obviously, to my super awesome Boobie Feeding mommies, you don't get how cool it will be NOT to buy formula, but I feel it's a reason to celebrate.  That first gallon of milk....I might start singing "We pop whole milk cause we got that dough"..My mama remix to Trey Songz!