Friday, June 14, 2013

It's True.... they weren't wrong.......

First, obviously I did NOT stick to my posting every 4 months....cause I just noticed it has been 6 months!!!  Let's not pretend that I have been busy doing super awesome and amazing things, cause really I haven't...just lazy, that's all.  However, since my last post they have TOTALLY changed the way this blog thing looks, so if it looks like a hot mess, SORRRRYYYY I don't know what I'm doing!

The vast majority of my posts (hahahah, sounds so funny when I've only posted like 8 times) are about my experiences as a mom with Miyagi and maybe a little sprinkle of ABD (awesome baby daddy, for those who have forgotten) but today, I've been inspired to think about my role as Mrs. ABD aka Boo aka Wifey.  In case there are people out there, who have happened upon my blog through the Google Tubes, which I doubt... yes, I am married.  I understand how my use of Baby Daddy could lead you to think other things...shame on you for sterotyping!

Let's go back...... hop in your Delorian .... the time 1994, give or take a few years.  I'd be...well, in junior high.  I don't remember where I was or how the subject came up but all I remember is hearing the phrase "Most women end up marrying someone like their father".... EWWWWWWWWW GRROOOOSSSS! How awful does that sound to a junior high girl who is JUST starting to even think boys don't have cooties?! ( I say that for my dad, because I always thought boys were kinda cute, ha)

Now, I have a really great dad..don't get me wrong.  But when I was younger, well, he did his job...he was my dad! He was tough. He protected me. He grounded me. He wasn't always nice. I didn't always get what I wanted.  He wasn't my friend, he was my dad.  And of course, I couldn't STAND him for all of those reasons.  So, there was NO way I would ever marry someone like that man! (dad, if you are reading this...this is my 1994 self talking, not now)

Fast forward... meet the Jetsons! (no flying cars).  The time 2006.  I meet a boy, excuse me, I meet a man.  He's aight (teheheh).  He falls head over heels for me.  Realizes he can't spend a moment without me. Wifes me (for those who don't understand that, it means he married me)... and here we are! --you're probably wondering where the F is this going. (longest post ever)

One day I noticed a lot of things..... similarities between that man who lives with me and that man who raised me.
  • They get to have ME in their lives
  • They are athletic
  • They are very social creatures - they like to go out with their friends and do things. 
  • They think they are HILARIOUS
  • They like to go on trips
  • They are control freaks.  When they go on trips, see previous bullet, they like to plan it out!
  • They are really good at planning trips.  Their friends should be LUCKY they were born, cause their trips would SUCK without them
  • They take care of their homes and wifeys (, not sure) first!!!!
That last bullet is the biggest deal.  No matter how social they both are they always make sure that their wifeys are taken care of first! Time is spent with them (and the kids first). Some people (aka haters) seem to think that once you get boo'd up (this means once you get in a relationship) that things have to change.  All your time should be spent at home.  ARE YOU SERIOUS! I love that man, but I also love him when he is not all up in my SH!T!  How else would I get my @ home WineFest and Lifetime movie nights in (or the rare times Mama wants to go out). There has to be balance. And that balance may be, ABD goes out after Mama is in bed, and that is just fine by me!

I saw it growing up, so maybe this just makes sense to me.... so I guess the point is, finally...after all that hot mess up there...

I MARRIED MY DAD! (not in some incestual freak way, like on Maury...) And I coudn't be happier that I found someone to take care of me, the way my dad took care of my mom!!