Friday, January 11, 2013

#2..... Here we go!

NOPE! NOPE! Nope!  This is not how I'm publicly announcing that we are expecting another child (although I am giggling thinking of the hate emails I will get). 

We are embarking on Age 2.  The "Terrible Twos".  Which I've acutally been informed, by several reliable sources, that Age 3-18 are MUCH worse.  Either way, I'm mentally preparing myself for an incredibly exciting and challenging year.  I'm pretty sure I thought that about Age 1, but we mananged to get through this past year rather effortlessly.  Sure there were challenges, but nothing that drove me to insanity (i was there a looonnnggg time ago)

However, 2..... Oh my gosh, I will have a 2 year old!

Why I will like having a 2 year old:
  • Confirmation that the first year was not a fluke and my mama super powers of growing a person also extends to keeping one alive
  • Increased vocabulary.  Miyagi is going to be hilarious! (he comes from a long line of "big" personalities)
  • ....... welp, that sums up that list
Why I will NOT like having a 2 year old:
  • Potty training: (even though we have semi-outsourced this task to our daycare providers and I'm hoping that all I will need to do is reinforce)
  • Moving to a big kid bed:  I'm keeping him in the crib as long as possible! The last thing I want to deal with is getting up in the middle of the night to stop him from playing OR even creepier.... waking up to a little person staring at me!  That's how kids get punched!
  • Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums: There is no hope for this. I tend to have a smart mouth and ABD can get angrier faster than Kim Kardashian can get divorced.  So... we have created a lethal weapon!
  • Independence/Control: apparently small children think they run shit! The word "NO" is a powerful tool to them and I don't like being told NO.
  • Discipline: UGHHH! My head hurts. Timeouts, spankings, whatever the choice may painful.  Not for Miyagi, hello, he did something wrong... but for me!  As ABD pointed out... until Miyagi can sit in timeout alone, it's really punishment for me too! 
    • Even though I pretend to be a hard ass sometimes, I don't like seeing my baby boy cry.  But I'm not doing my job if at some point he doesn't hate me!  I hated my dad for many many years-- but I never went to jail or wound up on Teen Mom, so he did something right!
Geessh....That's a 5 to 2 list.... not looking good! Naturally, the first instinct to get through this is to take a lesson from the Real Housewives -- drink wine from AM to PM!  But, that could end up with me being on Intervention...not a good look either.  Well, maybe the only way to end up not being an alcoholic is to get pregnant so I can't drink.  HAHAHAHA!  (just serious)