Monday, June 18, 2012

Where does the time go?!!!!

That title means so much more than just the literal sense.  I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I've written a post and I can't believe how much Miyagi is growing! We are rapidly approaching the 18 month (or year and a half --for those who don't like the continual use of months) mark!

I can't even begin to recount all of the things that have changed, and no they aren't meticulously documented in a baby book either (I gave up on that, ha).  What I can say is that at some point in the past few months I finally experienced that "I am so in love with my child" moment. 

1.) I don't care if you think that's weird, trust me, I did too-- "How can you be IN LOVE with your child"
2.) I also don't care if you are thinking --"How is she just now thinking that, I've been in love with my kid since Day 1" -- to that comment, I would say you are lying, ha!

I've always loved Miyagi.  I've always thought his presence was pretty miraculous.  But, for a long time, babies are kind of lame.  Kind of like a pair of bad @$$ shoes!  Awesome to look at, but kind of worthless!  They sometimes can make you cry and some times you just want to chuck them across the room! Let's all be honest with ourselves :-)

But recently I have just been in complete awe of what he can do! He has such a big personality (wonder where that comes from) and is just so smart! Yes, I think my child is the smartest little person I've ever known.... and all you other parents should be saying "Nope, mine is" -- cause as a good parent, we should ALWAYS be our children's #1 supporters!

I know that a lot of his amazingness comes from the two amazing people that came together and created him, but we can't take all of the credit.  WARNING: the following is a discussion about my feelings on daycare vs. staying at home. If you get offended, please stop reading and go live in your little world where no one else can have opinions different from your own.

I love what he has learned from being at his daycare.  I truly believe that he is more social and a little more independent than I could have done on my own. (Maybe not, but this is all I know...maybe I would rock the stay-at-home-mom look.  I know some incredible stay at home moms, and I would want to be just like them if that was the right decision for me.) 

  • He's so helpful!
  • He cleans up his toys like it's an olympic sport!
  • He throws trash away without having to be asked! (and sometimes some things that aren't trash). 
  • He puts his cup up in the sink when he is done.
  • His ability to understand directions is just beyond my comprehension!
  • He loves to sit and listen to stories.
  • He does great with routines--which is fabulous for nap times!  After lunch, we take a nap no fussing (yea, I said we cause sometimes mama needs to lay down).
Don't get me wrong, I have my guilty moments where I think "Should I be with him more....will I regret this".  But I know it's right.  I love the end of the day when I pick him up and even more, I love the time we get to spend together on the weekends.  I firmly believe that QUALITY trumps quantity! (except in the case of money.  All dollars are the same, but more is better).  I cherish every moment (well, not all, but that's what Nick Jr. is for!).  I will step off my soap box now!

Yeah, I'm in love with this little one!

I never knew that I would be blessed enough to say "I'm in love with two men"!!! But I'll take it!