Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes.... Just Wait

This morning I was looking on facebook, for the usual --nothing great.....but then I came across a post from a friend.  She was referencing a post, "Joy or Just Wait" on a blog (I've included the link at the bottom of this post). 

The basics 'experienced' parents we sometimes tell other new parents about the impending doom they are about to experience.  Diaper blowouts, teething, ear infections, sleepless nights, etc.  But instead, we should be sharing the "Just Wait" moments that make your heart melt (or in my case, make me want to cry just thinking about).  So I decided to document a few of my favorite "Just Wait" moments for those of you out there who haven't experienced them yet.  I hope it makes you excited for what is ahead, or for those of you who have passed this makes you think back to your own!

JUST WAIT.......
  • Until you can lay in bed and listen to your little one blabbing away on the monitor, but realize they are just talking and entertaining themselves, and don't really need you to get back to sleep.
  • Until you go in to wake your little one up, in the morning, and cutie pie is just standing there waiting for you with a smile on their face.
  • Until you hear that belly laugh, from your little one, at the silly face or game you are playing.  They think you are hilarious and it's so great!
  • Until you see the joy and excitement on your little one's face when they have figured something out (stacking blocks, putting something in a bin, rolling over). 
  • Until you don't only see the joy and excitement, but they clap to let you know how proud they are they did it!
  • Until your little one wants nothing else but just to sit in your lap or lay their head on your shoulder.  They know the safest place is in your arms.
  • (Pause....wooh, starting to tear up a little thinking of Miyagi)
  • Until you go to pick your little one up (from daycare, grandparents, play date) and they can't get to you quick enough (it's even better if there are screams and a kid that gets pushed out of the way).
  • Until you say "Kiss" and your little one comes over and plants a big, wet, sloppy, open mouth kiss right on your lips!
  • Until you see your little one understanding and communicating with you.  I love when Miyagi can sign to me "all done" and "more"
  • Until you realize that your little one is an incredible person and YOU are responsible for that.
I can't wait for the rest of the "Just Waits" I get to experience!


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