Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Some.......

In my opinion (isn't everything on this blog my opinion), getting your arsenal of Mommy Friends is a critical factor in your success as a mother! Now, don't get it twisted, you can't just have ANY sort of Mommy Friends.  There are certain MF's (ha, that's funny) that every mother should have...this isn't an all inclusive list, but I think it hits the majority of them.
*P.S. - An MF can be a family member, neighbor, co-worker whatever. Doesn't just have to be a "friend"

1. An Old Schooler:  This is the MF that doesn't believe in all the new-age hype. Their advice is based on things that worked for them in the past, even if it was 1947, but hey, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  You might hear an old schooler say things like "NEVER wake a sleeping baby" or "If you want your baby to not have an outtie (belly button) put some gauze and a half dollar on their naval"!  WARNING: If you are not an old schooler and you try to explain some new school stuff, they MIGHT just have heart attack. "WHAT, what do you mean babies can't sleep with blankets!"

2. The New Age/Research Parenter:  This is the MF who is really into different parenting theories on how to raise their children.  The theories range from when to feed a baby, how to get them to sleep, potty training, etc.  The best thing about these MF's....they have read the books, done the research, have things highlighted, tabbed, indexed and can tell you verbatim what to do.  What does this mean for you..... you don't have to do ANY of the "work" but can reap all of the benefits!  Thank you to all my BABYWISE mom's, you know who you are :-)

3. The Encourager:  I love this MF! Not that I don't love all the others, but this is the MF who makes you feel like you are the best mom in the world!  When you are doubting every decision you have made about your child's well being, this is the MF that will tell you, "You know exactly what to do".  Unfortunately, there are a lot of other Non-MF's (I feel I should shout out to Evelyn on Basketball Wives, even though it's not in the same context, I digress) who love to tell you what you are doing wrong, so having The Encourager around is critical.  Thank you to the one who told me "If you love your baby and feed your baby, you are doing a great job!"

4. The Newbie:  If you don't have one of these, and you are a mom, GET ONE...ASAP!  This may seem conceited in a way, but so what :-)  The Newbie is a new first time mom, who is MORE inexperienced than you are.  The best thing about them, they LOVE to know what you know!!!!  It's a total power trip, but hey, you deserve it...just use your power wisely.  You get to share all of your experiences with them and it makes you feel more experienced which increases your ability to raise your own kids.  It's Karma.  If someone helps you, you must help someone else.

5. Fun Times:  If you aren't sure if you have a Fun Time MF...just check your phone history, text messages, emails etc.  Is there another mom who you constantly interact with, send pictures of your kids, love to tell each other what's going on, what new stuff you found, set up fun play date?? If so, those are your Fun Time MF's! Mothering becomes so much more fun when you have several of these!  It's even better if your kids are close in age, say a few weeks apart :-)

BONUS MOMMY FRIEND: This one is extree (yeah, extreeeee) special!  The Bonus Mommy friend, is  not a mom at all!  This is the friend who despite not having kids, loves your kid! Not only does she (or he, I guess) tell you how amazing your baby is and LOVE to get pictures, but the BMF lets you also live vicariously through them...a life of "freedom". HA!  If you have really good BMF's, your baby may always be decked out in awesome baby gear (hello, Big Pony shirts or future MJ outfits). But that's not why we love them!

There are definitely more MF's out there, and even if you don't find yourself in one of these categories, the fact that you are a MF at all, well, that's more special than you know! So to all my MF's......xoxoxoxoxox! I wouldn't be the mom I am without you!

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